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Municipalities can now use Snowman, a web-based portal, to track and record the weather via the Risk Management Centre of Excellence. This service can help Canadian municipalities to manage best practices related to the weather.

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Risk Management Considerations for Wood Working, Auto and Tech Shop Standards

Technological studies such as wood working and auto mechanics offer students valuable skill. But these classes can come with many inherent dangers. Schools and instructors have the difficult task of providing the required Duty of Care owed to the students.

Tags: school, standards, wood working, auto, student, safety, risk, teacher, premises

Risk Management Considerations for Directors and Officers Liability

A private boarding school tailored to students with learning disabilities and behavioural issues closed their doors in November of 2013. Parents of the students were notified of the immediate school closure by an email which provided less than 24 hours’ notice that they were to have their children removed from the premises. The principle and CEO of the school informed parents that the sudden and immediate closure was due to low enrollment. Parents were left wondering why controls were not in place to prevent this from happening and whether they would receive a refund on the annual tuition that had already been paid.

Tags: claim, coverage, D&O, director, insurance, judgement, liability, officer, school, fraud, financial

Risk Management Considerations for Playground Safety at Daycare Facilities

The organization or company who owns the playground is ultimately responsible for the safety of the playground including all installed equipment and in many provinces, daycare operators may need to ensure their playgrounds are CSA compliant in order to obtain an operating license.

Tags: daycare, college, school, playgrounds, children, safety, CSA, Canadian Standards Association, Maintenance, RMC, supervision

Risk management Considerations for Creating a Culture of Security in Your Workplace

People work best when they feel emotionally safe and secure. They focus their energy on solving problems and doing their best. Secure employees are also happier and more satisfied employees. How do you promote a culture of security? Here are a few ideas to get you going!

Tags: RMC, password, data breach, security, fraud, cyber, protection, online, crime

Policies and Procedures for Whistleblowers

This sample Whistleblower Policy can help your organization foster and maintain an environment where employees can work safely and appropriately, without fear of retaliation.

Tags: policy, procedure, whistleblower

Risk Management Consideration: Know What You Are Signing

Reviewing contracts and being aware of what risks or liability you may be assuming or not appropriately transferring should be a part of every organization’s risk management program.

Tags: contract, agreement, RMC, risk transfer, liability, insurance, certificate

No Liability for Potholes

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently dismissed an action against the Municipality of Dutton/Dunwich (the “Municipality”) for failing to maintain a gravel roadway in a claim arising from a motor vehicle accident.

Tags: potholes, road liability, claim, McLeod

Tobacco-Free Recreation: Challenges and Realities

The ORFA recommends that all members consider updating their current “No Smoking Policies” to include other forms of tobacco use and to ensure that current policies continue to meet the requirements of the law and the
expectations of users.

Tags: ORFA, RMC, smoking, Smoke Free Ontario Act, Health Canada

Risk Management Considerations for Business Interruption

When analyzing your business operation, one area of concern is how you would handle your operations if it is interrupted by an unplanned event or occurrence. Your goal should be to make sure you have systems and procedures in place if there is an interruption.

Tags: RMC, insurance, business, interruption, coverage

Your Indemnity Clause Means What It Says: No Mulligans Allowed

The plaintiff in the underlying action was a passenger in a golf cart operated by a fellow guest at a golf tournament hosted by the Canadian Litigation Counsel Inc. (“CCLI”). The plaintiff was injured while a passenger in the golf cart and sued the operator and the owner of the golf course, Clublink Corp. Clublink Corp. claimed over against CCLI seeking to be indemnified pursuant to their agreement.

Tags: contract, indemnity, Gowlings, legal, indemnification, Supreme Court, claim study