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Monitor and track the weather via, a web-based weather monitoring platform. Free access to forecasting by Environment Canada with reporting and verifications to assist with documenting actions as they relate to the weather. This service can help Ontario municipalities to manage best practices related to the weather.

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Steadman v. Corporation of the County of Lambton

On January 16, 2015, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice released its decision in the case of Steadman v. Corporation of the County of Lambton. The Court ruled in favour of the Steadmans and awarded a total of $107,352 in damages for the depreciated value of their property and crop losses from 1998 – 2013. The Court found that the damages stemmed from the County’s use of road salt along a road that borders the Steadman’s farm. The County was found liable in nuisance.

Tags: court decisions, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Municipal Act, Ontario, road side drainage, culverts, road salt concentrations, snow fences

CASL Software Installation Sections - Legal Update

On January 15, 2015, the software installation sections of Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) took effect.  CASL's software installation sections impose equally broad and onerous procedural requirements for entities installing computer programs on computer systems.

Tags: Canadian Anti Spam Legislation, CASL, electronic message, email, legislation, liability, Spam

Risk Management Considerations for Preventing Medication Risks

Medical malpractice insurance is an essential requirement for all healthcare practitioners. But since many of us are not doctors we don’t think much about it. However, as the incident below illustrates, medical malpractice liability can come in various forms.

Tags: claim study, malpractice, medical, medication, risk management

Claim Case Studies & Legislation for Residential Facilities: Properly Training Staff

One of the most important things a disability support organization can do is properly train their staff. Improper or insufficient training can lead to unnecessary claims, especially when policies and procedures are not in place or not followed.

Tags: claim study, residential facility, staff training

Claim Case Studies & Legislation for Residential Facilities: The Importance of Staff Communications

When dealing with special needs clients, it is imperative that staff communicate and document on a regular basis. Open communication and accurate records can help mitigate the chance of high risk incidents and inappropriate behaviours going un-checked.

Tags: claim study, communication, documentation, residential facility, staff communication

Claim Case Studies & Legislation for Hidden Dangers at After-School Programs

Children love to play. It’s how they learn and expend energy. It’s also how they view the world. Many adults can attest to seeing children making drums out of pots and pans, or turning the couch into a fort. When it comes to facilities for children, their minds are no different. What to us might seem like a piece of equipment to them is a new toy to be explored – sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Tags: after school programs, equipment, facility, injuries, program

Claim Case Studies & Legislation: Hussack v. Chilliwack School District No. 33

Devon Hussack, a Grade 7 student at Vedder Middle School in Chilliwack, was hit in the face with a field hockey stick while playing in a scrimmage during physical education class. He suffered a concussion which, overtime developed into a more serious condition known as “somatoform” disorder. This is a condition that is described as a psychiatric illness where physical symptoms, including pain have no physiological basis.

Tags: claim study, duty of care, education institution, contributorily negligent

Generators: Installation, Safety Precautions and Regular Maintenance Schedules

Due to the increasing risk of power outages across the country, more and more facilities are installing back-up generators. Here are our ‘Top 5’ tips for working with and installing power generators.

Tags: generators, installation, safety, facility management, maintenance, risk management, hazard

McInnes Cooper Legal Update: NS Proposes New Limitation of Actions Act

On October 29, 2014, the NS Government introduced Bill 64. When passed into law, Bill 64 will replace the current NS Limitation of Actions Act – the legislation that determines the limitation period (time limit) in which a lawsuit must be started in relation to an NS claim – and significantly change the landscape for NS litigants.

Bill 64 is in 2nd reading only, but given its impact on litigants, it’s one to keep a close eye on. Here are the top 3 benefits of Bill 64 – and the 10 key changes it will make to the time limits to start a lawsuit in NS.

Tags: claims, legislation, limitations, Limitations of Actions Act, limits, lawsuit, litigants

Checklist for Fire Drill Programs

This document contains a checklist designed to help ensure that your fire drills are performed safely and effectively.

Tags: checklist, fire, drill, safety, staff, protection