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Monitor and track the weather via, a web-based weather monitoring platform. Free access to forecasting by Environment Canada with reporting and verifications to assist with documenting actions as they relate to the weather. This service can help Ontario municipalities to manage best practices related to the weather.

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Claim Case Studies & Legislation House et al v. Baird, Murray and Township of Wilmot, 2015 ONSC 198

Section 44 of the Municipal Act, 2001 provides for a cause of action against a municipality that fails to keep its highways (including roads) and bridges in a reasonable state of repair.

Tags: accident, claim study, collision, damages, highway, icy, injury, liability, Maintenance, municipal, road, slush, snow, standards, weather, court, decision

Legal Alert: New NS Limitation of Actions Act Effective September 1, 2015

On September 1, 2015, the new NS Limitation of Actions Act – the legislation that determines the limitation period (time limit) in which a lawsuit must be started in relation to a NS claim – will take effect. The Act will include two further changes the NS government made to the version of the Act it passed into law: it will not apply to equitable claims by Aboriginal peoples against the Crown; and its exemption for certain sexual assault claims will now be retroactive.

Tags: Bill 64, claims, death, Limitations of Actions Act, Nova Scotia, personal injury, sudden

Legal Update: Tread Carefully - 10 Considerations for Right of Way Agreements

Every party to a Right of Way has some idea of what that Right of Way is – but many times, those ideas are different. This failure to clarify what both parties actually intended can be a road to lengthy, costly, and acrimonious disputes between the current or subsequent owners of the road, and people who think they have certain rights to use the Right of Way. A written Right of Way Agreement signed at the front end is a relatively easy way to avoid this. You just need to put your mind to the issues up front.

Tags: agreement, alternate road, Atlantic Canada, compensation, Maintenance, parking, property, repair, restrictions, right of way

Legal Update: More than mere nuisance - 5 Snow Loading FAQs

Snow can be a big nuisance at this time of year, but snow load – the weight of the snow, usually measured in pounds per square foot – can be more than a mere nuisance. Your building could affect the snow load of your neighbor’s building or structure, causing significant damage to it for which you could be liable.

Tags: liability, loading, snow, structure, Atlantic Canada

Legal Update: NS Proposes New Limitation of Actions Act - Top Benefits and Key Changes

On October 29, 2014, the NS Government introduced Bill 64. When passed into law, Bill 64 will replace the current NS Limitation of Actions Act – the legislation that determines the limitation period (time limit) in which a lawsuit must be started in relation to an NS claim – and significantly change the landscape for NS litigants. Bill 64 is in 2nd reading only, but given its impact on litigants, it’s one to keep a close eye on. Here are the top 3 benefits of Bill 64 – and the 10 key changes it will make to the time limits to start a lawsuit in NS.

Tags: benefits, Bill 64, changes, claim, death, Limitations of Actions Act, Nova Scotia, personal injury, sudden

Legal Update: Final Form of New NS Limitation of Actions Act “Sudden Death” limitation

The new NS Limitations of Actions Act – the legislation that determines the limitation period (time limit) in which a lawsuit must be started in relation to a NS claim – is now in final form and passed as law though it’s not yet in effect. The final form of the new Act includes one important change from the version the NS Government first introduced: the opportunity and authority to extend the limitation period is back in – and the “Sudden Death” limitation is out – but only for personal injury claims.

Tags: Bill 64, claim, death, Limitations of Actions Act, Nova Scotia, personal injury, sudden

Risk Management Considerations for ORV/ATVs on Municipal Roads

According to the Highway Traffic Act, Regulation 316/03 – Operation of Off-Road Vehicles on Highways, Section 4.1, off-road vehicles may be driven on municipal roads only if the municipality passes a by-law.

Tags: all terrain, ATV, highway, municipal, off road, ORV, roads, traffic

Negligent Walking

Watch where you’re going! A nurse responding to an agitated patient found to be negligently walking.

Tags: liability, negligence, negligent, occupiers liability, volunteer, walking

Maintaining Safe Swimming Pool Indoor Air Quality

The potential harmful air quality at indoor swimming pool natatoriums has been an issue and concern raised by ORFA aquatic professionals for many years. The ORFA Aquatic Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) has recommended the creation of a guideline on the topic as a priority. The ORFA reminds readers that authors are not an authority on the topic of indoor swimming pool air quality, but feels confident that through a basic understanding of the issue and what steps can and should be taken for the reduction of elevated toxic air conditions, that the potential for worker or user exposure risk to this potential workplace hazard can be significantly reduced.

Tags: ASHRAE, chloramine, health, health and safety, indoor air quality, irritants, ORFA, pool, pools, regulations, risk management, safe, swimming, toxic, ventilation, Regulation 565

Risk Management Considerations for Spray/Splash Pads

Splash pads are a fun aquatic addition to any neighbourhood park. They are a great place for children of all ages to beat the heat in a fun and safe way. Parents don’t have to worry about their children swimming in deep water, or their swim level. There are no life jackets or floaters required. Even parents have been known to have some fun with their children to cool off.  This article discusses Best Practices for owner/operators of recreational water spray/splash pads.

Tags: aquatic, aquatic facilities, Pad, recreation, risk management, safety, Splash, Splash Pad, Spray, Spray Pad, water