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Frank Cowan Company Risk Management Centre of Excellence is an online resource created by Frank Cowan Company to provide our clients with the information and tools you need to manage the various risk issues you face on a daily basis.

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Municipalities can now use Snowman, a web-based portal, to track and record the weather via the Risk Management Centre of Excellence. This service can help Canadian municipalities to manage best practices related to the weather.

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Risk Management Considerations for Business Interruption

When analyzing your business operation, one area of concern is how you would handle your operations if it is interrupted by an unplanned event or occurrence. Your goal should be to make sure you have systems and procedures in place if there is an interruption.

Tags: business interruption, insurance, RMC

Your Indemnity Clause Means What It Says: No Mulligans Allowed

The plaintiff in the underlying action was a passenger in a golf cart operated by a fellow guest at a golf tournament hosted by the Canadian Litigation Counsel Inc. (“CCLI”). The plaintiff was injured while a passenger in the golf cart and sued the operator and the owner of the golf course, Clublink Corp. Clublink Corp. claimed over against CCLI seeking to be indemnified pursuant to their agreement.

Tags: contract, indemnity, Gowlings, legal, indemnification, Supreme Court, claim study

Risk Management Considerations for Security Systems

The broad definition of a security system includes any various means or devices designed to guard persons and property against a wide range of hazards, including crime, fire, accidents, espionage, sabotage, subversion and attack.

Tags: security, building, facility, crime, theft, burglary, surveillance

Risk Management Considerations for Affiliation and Placement Agreement Clauses

An affiliation agreement should be requirement for all schools who wish to have their students participate in a practice education experience with your organization.

Tags: RMC, contracts, agreements, affiliation, indemnity, insurance clause

Risk Management Considerations: What Can We Learn from Deering?

As far back as 1915, the courts have recognized that the standard of care a municipality takes with their roads should adapt with the changing conditions and times. As the use of the road changes, so must the nature of your maintenance and repair. Part of your duty to the ordinary driver should include road assessments and safety measures built into your road rehabilitation projects.

Tags: auto, roads, RMC, Deering, claim

Associated Risks, Automobile

There are numerous distractions, events and situations that can arise while driving a motor vehicle. Some of these events can be controlled and others are uncontrollable.

Tags: automobile, risk, fleet, fleet safety, RMC, non-owned auto

Legal Information Bulletin: Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is coming into force on July 1, 2014. The purpose of this law is to help regulate commercial conduct by prohibiting certain commercial activities that are performed through electronic means. It will impact a wide range of businesses and also certain messages sent by individuals, non-profit organizations and other types of organizations.

Tags: legal, legislation, spam, electronic message, email

ABC’s of Farmers Markets

Abolish items that could be a health and safety concern.

Be available to the owners and managers of the farmers market so they can ask questions.

Consistently update the managers or owners about new rules and safety precautions.

Tags: ABC's, vendors, health and safety, facility management

Elder Care Legislation Across Canada

This article provides a listing of the most relevant regulations and pieces of legislation across Canada which relate to the elder care industry. 

Tags: elder care, Act, legislation, regulations